Customer Service

The alarm system is connected via telephone line to our computerized, U.L. Listed Central Station. Whenever your alarm is tripped our computers receive the coded signal and all pertinent information is instantly displayed on one of our computer video screens. Within seconds, our operators verify the alarm and if necessary notify the proper authorities and/or emergency contacts. Trained operators notify fire, burglary and panic signals from your alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing you with peace of mind. Central Station Monitoring is paid in advance and billed twice a year, once in January and again in July.

If the information on your account must be updated (new emergency contacts, passwords, etc.), complete a Schedule A Customer Information sheet and fax it to us at 610-828-7132, or email to [email protected]

Service Information

Service will be scheduled during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00pm) for any system not functioning properly. Service is billed at an hourly rate. Any materials not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will be billed at standard list price. (One year warranty from date of installation). Twenty-Four (24) hour emergency service is available, if requested. Call 610-277-1260 ext. 42. Emergency service that is requested outside normal business hours is billed at time and one half the hourly rate. Service calls requested on holidays will be billed at double the hourly rate.

You can complete the Work Order/Service Request form which will be submitted to our office. Someone will then contact you to schedule an appointment.

Access Management

Militia Hill Security, Inc. remotely manages the access system. This service includes adding or deleting fobs/cards/codes, scheduling the locking and unlocking of doors and programming holidays. Reports of recent history and or cardholders will be provided upon request.

All requests are to be in writing either by fax on the Access Code Request form or by emailing to [email protected] Please provide employee name, company name, and the card number when adding or disabling. Only provide the code if being disabled.

Please allow 24 hours for access requests to be processed (confirmation will be faxed/emailed back to you). In the event that a card/code must be deleted immediately, call our office. Provide the necessary information and follow up in writing within 24 hours.

We request 24 hour notice for a change in door schedules, such as an early/late/unscheduled close or opening.

In January, please provide a list of holidays for the year. We will program the doors to be locked on these days.