Fire Systems

Silent Knight

sk-panelThe IntelliKnight 5808 is the all new system that puts Silent Knight’s powerful addressable devices together with a cost effective control panel. The 5808 has big features and a small price that combine to make it the best value in addressable control panels available today.

This new member of the highly successful IntelliKnight family features 127 addressable points, a built in digital communicator, programmable zone or point reporting capability, an enhanced user interface, a powerful 6 amp 24vdc power supply and programming capability from the on-board user interface or via the SKSS PC based programming software.




Fire-Lite AlarmsThe Fire•Lite MS-9600 is a compact, cost-effective, addressable fire alarm control panel with a capacity of 636 devices – Fire•Lite 300 Series modules and 350 Series detectors. Equipped with one standard and one optional Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop, the panel supports up to 318 smoke detectors AND 318 control or monitor modules. The panel is manufactured with surface-mount technology and is designed for ease of installation and programming. It features the latest in fire protection technology, including Maintenance Alert, Automatic Detector Test, and Sensitivity printout.

IFP 100

Farenhyt system manufactured by the Honeywell subsidiary Silent Knight. Specifically, it chose the IFP-1000 model, though the line spans a range from the IFP-50 and IFP-100 to the more recently introduced IFP-1000VIP.

In general, they can handle anywhere from 50 to 1,594 addressable modules throughout your building, and can use your existing wiring, allowing retrofit applications. And of course, it has all the bells and whistles — almost literally! — that a modern-day system would have, including remote access for installer troubleshooting and features to compensate for and help reduce the number of false alarms.